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Sleep tips that really make a difference

Sleep tips that really make a difference

You’ve probably encountered a lot of guides full of tips for sleep that help you feel really well rested. If you suffer from insomnia or wake up a lot at night and can’t fall back to sleep, you probably already tried to follow some basic advice. First, don’t use your phone in bed or not having screens at all in the bedroom. No coffee or strong tee in late afternoon, going to bed early, taking warm (not hot!) baths before you go to sleep will help. Making your bedroom as dark and quiet as possible with thick curtains and soundproof windows is very important. If you didn’t learn about those things yet, make sure you do that first. You can follow the professional advice from the NHS website here. And if you already did and want to go deeper into the art of good sleep, read on!

Tips for improving your sleep

Did you ever consider the feel of your bed? I’m not just talking about the firmness and quality of the mattress you sleep on. It’s important, as is having the right pillow for your body type to support your head in the most comfortable position. However, there is another secret to sleeping well that not many people think about. It’s the feel of the fabric you choose for your bed linen. There is a lot of variation on the market. Most bedding stores and manufacturers provide information about the fabric their products are made with. You can choose between cotton, linen, cotton/linen mix, cotton/polyester, linen/polyester. If you want to stimulate your body to feel safe and relaxed when you need to get your solid eight hours of regeneration, you should consider the following tips for sleep from our sleep specialists.

Not all bed linen is the same

When buying bed linen many people focus on finding a nice style or pattern and features they like. With so many different products on the market competing for your attention you may feel overwhelmed with the choices. Or driven to follow the latest trends, colours and patterns. You may have a budget you want to spend and are looking for something that looks as good as some premium expensive product and doesn’t break the bank. Most likely you will find a very similar design for a lot less in one of the many online bedding stores. Unfortunately the difference in price will come with lower quality fabric. Most likely polyester or poly-cotton mix. These are cheaper to print nice colours and patterns on. Unfortunately they are also less healthy and don’t give your body the super-nice feeling it may need to go into deep, good quality sleep.

What your body cares about when you sleep?

While style may be important for your wellbeing when you see your bedroom during the day, its not what your body needs at night to more easily fall asleep. What I’m going to suggest is a completely different approach than simply buying things that look good. Focus on the fabric. If you have trouble falling asleep and don’t know why, make sure your bed linen is made from quality fabric. Choose either real linen or good cotton. These natural fibres have the best properties for sending the right tactile signals to your skin that will translate into helping with sleep problems.

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More advice for sleeping well

Maybe you feel that you need more support for you body to get into a good relaxing position to fall asleep? Are you always fighting with your pillow to get it to support your head comfortably? You should try pillows of different shape and size. Product like U-Shaped and V-Shaped Pillows are generously oversized, long enough for you to stretch out and support both sides of your body. Originally developed for pregnant women to help them sleep in relaxing, pain free positions these product can provide the same benefits for everybody else.

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